Campers are selected from area middle school and elementary schools through an application and teacher evaluation process. Students who are currently in 5th through 8th grades are encouraged to apply for Camper.  


Campers (current 5th through 8th grades) are selected through an application and screening process that involves both SYLC Staff and the school staff for each camper applicant. Students will be selected throughout Shasta County to attend as campers. 

Please discuss this opportunity with your parents/guardians and make sure it does not conflict with any family vacation and/or other summer activities. 

Parents/Guardians will receive an email confirmation upon the receipt of their child's application. 


Applicants are also asked to request ONE teacher to fill out a Teacher Evaluation Form.

4 days, 3 nights, all meals, t-shirt, bracelet, water bottle, video link (included with reg fees this year), and a lifetime of memories!!

Registration Fees:  $125 per camper -- DO NOT  pay this until your child receives an acceptance packet. If your child is accepted we will send out, in the email, information on how to pay for camp to confirm your child's spot.