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Counselor's Role at SYLC

SYLC Counselors are selected from the area in and surrounding Shasta, Siskiyou, and Tehama County high schools or colleges through an application/interview process. Students who are currently in the 10th grade through the age of 21 are encouraged to apply for this position.

The counselor’s role involves both supervision and leadership of a group of campers for the entire camp, including staying in the same dorm room.  Problem-solving and discipline will occasionally be required for both the group and individuals. 


If selected, counselors are expected to develop a close and positive relationship with their campers and co-counselors.  Also, counselors are expected to be outgoing, enthusiastic, fun, patient, encouraging, and assertive. 


Above all, applicants are drug-free youth who have demonstrated leadership ability and are strong role models.  “Drug-free” means youth who do not use tobacco/vape, alcohol, or other illegal drugs.

Super Important 2024 Dates

Counselor Applications

March 1st-31st

Click HERE

Follow the link at the left to fill out the #2024SYLC Counselor Application. Be sure to complete each section along with submitting a Medical Form. You will hear from our staff members after applications close on March 31st. Take note of the additional dates below!

Counselor Interviews

April 17
TBA, Redding

Once selected for an interview, you will be given options for a best time for a scheduled interview. We will do our best to work with your availability on the given date and time. We look forward to meeting you!

Counselor Training

June 24, 26, 28; 1-3 pm
TBA, Redding

Counselor Training is very important; these sessions help us prepare you for a busy week at camp. These training days are mandatory and fun

Camp Dates

July 8th-12th

This is what we look forward to all year! You will be expected to report at 12 pm on Monday, July 8th and stay overnight on-campus until our graduation ceremony ends on Friday, July 12th (usually around 7 pm).

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